The Young Jewish Congress

The Young Jewish Congress is a new and exciting youth-oriented program, part of American Jewish Congress’s rich portfolio of programs dealing with multiple issues affecting the Jewish community.

About Us

Built on American Jewish Congress’ century-long tradition of inspiring citizens and leaders worldwide to ensure civil liberties are protected while confronting hatred, helping protect vulnerable communities, and promoting human dignity, the Young Jewish Congress helps foster the next generation of young leaders.

The program’s focus is tailored towards the need to educate new generations of Jewish leaders on issues of communal interest that affect the modern-day life of the Jewish community, as well as to promote and nourish leadership skills and civic engagement. The Young Jewish Congress provides an open community that will help the teens to bond with each other and reflect collectively on various situations that directly affect them and their peers while motivating them to propose practical solutions and taking the lead in their implementation. The keywords that would define this experience for the children would be curiosity, responsibility, and ingenuity.

The project seeks to create a unique forum for exchanging experiences and ideas, familiarizing the problems and challenges of the outside world through dynamic learning techniques, engaging presentations by invited thought leaders and influencers, and providing the children with the tools and necessary mindset to actively engage towards finding innovative solutions for those problems.

By exposing real-world problems, the program will attract the young people’s interest and involvement in the long-term and create a safe and proactive community of ambitious young leaders that want to make a difference.

This is a step in the right direction of providing young Jewish activists with education, tools, activism, and leadership opportunities, at a time in their lives when it will feel relevant, especially considering the current political situation and recent global events.

Interested participants can reach out now to register as members of the Young Jewish Congress.

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